• M&Y Company and PENTATOMIC Company attend NASF SUR/FIN
        June 2015, M&Y company, as a member of the NASF (surface finishing), participated in the NASF 2015 annual international conference and exhibition on Chicago. Hangzhou PENTATOMIC Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., as M&Y's parent company, was also invited to participate in the conference.
        Hangzhou PENTATOMIC and M&Y attaches great importance to this conference, the delegation headed by General Manager Wang Yijian, including members of the M&Y Company’s director, Ms. Fang Juxian, and M&Y's general manager, Ms. Wang Liyan and other three members.
       During the exhibition, Hangzhou PENTATOMIC Company and M&Y Company visited some long-term business partners, including Delta, Matenaer and other cooperative units. At the same time, according to their own products and supporting business needs, the company close communicated to the exhibitors. Actively looking for new product information and business partners. Hangzhou PENTATOMIC company and M&Y company is committed to looking for a fast, efficient and accurate environmental monitoring equipment and eco-friendly surface treatment materials, as well as new products that can degrade industrial and life waste. Through this exhibition, not only understand the latest cutting-edge technology and products, and also reached a purchase intention of cooperation with some of the exhibitors.
        During the exhibition, Hangzhou PENTATOMIC Company and M&Y Company are much honored to meet with Chinese Surface Engineering Association (Vice President Ma Jie) and his team, Hangzhou PENTATOMIC, as a vice chairman member of the association, with the responsibility to introduce the latest development of China's surface finishing and environment purification technology to the world. M&Y is also working at promoting the latest technology of the Chinese surface finishing to the NASF association and the world exhibitors, and inviting them to China to attend the 2016 annual World finishing Congress.